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Divex3me - Rebreather Pegasus


The Project Pegasus was born by the passion to explore new worlds because the skin-diver is the exploration of the worlds immersed, fantastic, mysterious, silent where we are all pioneers, even today these places hide secrets and the man is an unexpected visitor who, with his wish to know... to see... to explore he invents ways and means very ingenious to be able to go to steal the secret and mystery of these wonderful places.

The history is full of people who gave their lives for reach places that were considered inaccessible, even today the vast underwater world is full of these places.

 I'm Massimiliano Pellegrini and speleologist, instructor of III levels FIPSAS, instructor and trainer of underwater speleology, instructor hypoxic Trimix and Civil Protection scuba divers, ARO instructor, I’m an avid diver and underwater cave explorer but especially with this new mechanical equipment Rebreather at closed circuit, it was created and designed just to move in these narrow but impressive places I wanted to make a contribution to this world.

Obviously, the rebreather isn’t my invention but it’s of Henry Fleuss, the history tells us that he realized it in 1876.

But today I want to present you, PEGASUS, the new arrival, it was born to do the explorations in safety having greater autonomy and operational depth that in my business is always on the rise.

PEGASUS was born for a my personal challenge, now looking for something that allowed me to increase both residence times that depth.

I started to be interested about Rebreather, each of those on the market had some technical details that interested me but not all builders applied. That was when I decided to design one that growing with me it expections everything I believed. I started to draw and then to make it real trying all that I thought, then try it personally on the field.

It started to move in the lake and its second dive touched 26 mt. for a period of 50 minutes, today it seems nothing but I assure you that on that day the satisfaction and the desire to go back in the water was tremendous. It grew up with me and I sent it probably the desire and the pleasure of exploring especially the underwater world underground and it grew up with those characteristics, its DNA leads it to move inside the caves in a way agile and secure, it allows me and it’ll let you do the steps that are problematic with the classic open circuit.

Very compact and versatile to according to of what we have intention to do, modifiable to according to of the times and of the depths required, of the places that are open or closed, he is also… and it’ll be a pioneer in search of adventure that will help you to unravel the various mysteries so far hidden from mother nature.

Now I leave you with this new adventure with your partner that will take you into the depths literally, where the silence reigns supreme, and this mythological winged horse, wild, free and indomitable will guide you in this world where the force of gravity is zero, where we can move in the various directions of this immense space under the protection of the wings of Pegasus.

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